REPtorís Wings consist of a suite of marketing applications that enable all other REPtor Services to soar.
They provide the intelligence, communications and database support required to motivate and galvanize a Pharma sales force into an effective, efficient, and productive team.

Cycle Planner
This dual-purpose tool enables marketing and sales resource allocation and serves as a performance target for reps.
The Cycle-Planner helps the sales manager, create realistic and detailed expected performance goals for reps' for a cycle or a campaign.
Managers can combine inputs from marketing (key messages, detail material campaign objectives etc.); from sales (segmentation, customer coverage, profiling); and from the team's work resources (reps sales potential and schedule)

Main Features
∑ Promotes best practices in the field force by ensuring:
- Key messages are getting to customers
- Adherence to customers' segmentation
- Customer coverage is maintained
∑ Sets well defined performance targets
∑ Enables the rep to always know which tasks he needs to complete
∑ Enables marketing messages to be transferred from the marketing division to the field force, which can be budgeted to marketing needs
∑ Provides key performance benchmarks

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