Hawk for Productivity
Hawk is a unique on demand Pharma sales force effectiveness tool, purpose designed to give your sales force the freedom to become more efficient, more dynamic ... more productive.

Designed "bottom-up" with the Pharma reps' needs in mind, Hawk enables and encourages the individual sales rep to increase productivity and effectiveness in the field. Reps connect on-line using a PC, PDA or other wireless mobile devices, to a comprehensive, web hosted personal planing program that facilitates advanced campaign profiling, segmentation, targeting, and multiple team objective setting. Hawk is goal oriented, to increase sales force successes.

Enhanced Capabilities
With Hawk, reps can:
- Segment and target physicians and other contacts on a product/campaign level
- Define multiple relationships to physician's specialty or area of interest
- Plan targeted visits to physicians and contacts
- Build target lists with pre-defined call frequency for each contact
- Coordinate physician/contact activity between reps/teams
- Independently monitor own performance and adherence to campaign strategy
- Accurately capture call and analyze call outcome with pre-set sentences and key-words
- Keep in touch with manager/team members through REPtor's multichannel communication system
- Email, fax or download detail material, articles, documents etc, from an online library
- Benefit from the use of Full Sample Management
- Create multiple target lists
- Obtain continuous feed-back on cycle status, distance to performance target and quickest route to fulfilling goals

The bottom line is a focused, highly motivated and effective sales force.

We have named this application after the Hawk, a prominent member of the raptor family, as we believe it epitomizes the characteristics of an effective Pharma rep: independent, swift, tenacious in pursuing their goal, has the ability to fly high and see over the horizon, and is known for it's vision ...