A Dynamic Management Interface
Falconer is REPtor's way of providing sales management with total online transparency of field force operations, effectiveness, and productivity. It provides a dynamic interface between the sales force in the field and management and gives management full hands-on control of reps' field activities.

Through the use of Falconer, managers can obtain a focused bird's eye view of the entire operations and functions of their sales force as they go about their daily tasks. They can ensure full control and analysis of reps activities, plan and implement special campaigns, communicate online, provide information and back-up and immediately advise a rep of any extra field activities required. The manager will has the ability to schedule sales meetings, product launches, training and events throughout the district or countrywide and advise his team immediately, in real-time through REPtor's web-based programs.

Instant Access
Management gains instant, company-wide access to all customers, contact information and histories, including calls, sales, commitments, objections and marketing activity. A manager can centralize and maintain collective information about key accounts and facilitate collaboration between sales reps, product managers and marketing teams.

The Territory Manager enables the manager to carefully and evenly allocate areas to each rep according to segmented customer coverage and targeting information in each area. Managers will be able to view and analyze sales performance indicators and set and review effectiveness benchmarks.

Falconer allows the use of standard or customized reports to gain valuable, up-to-the-minute insight into critical issues such as detail calls, rep and team performance, and more. Falconer can export data to Microsoft Excel for additional analysis or integration with external information.


Falconer (Fal-con-er)
The person controlling the flight and activities of a hawk or falcon. Falconry is the art of hunting with a trained bird of prey in its natural environment. We have selected this name for this application as it embodies the attributes of the product. The falconer trains his bird, he controls it, he supports it and he releases it to fly free in search of its prey.