Our Mission

REPtor's mission - a client centric company

Our duty in the areas of service and support is to mold ourselves to the needs of our customers, to show them loyalty and to place the customer and his needs at the center of all of our activities.

REPtor’s message is first and foremost that we find the best solutions for our clients. At REPtor we are familiar with the unique needs and requirements of the pharmaceutical sector. Therefore, we are here in order to best manage and direct the work process starting with the field representatives all the way to the field force director.

REPtor recognizes the importance of “Focusing on the Customer” and makes sure our users, field force and managers feel familiar and comfortable with REPtor, its representatives and its services while putting emphasis on the needs of the client and the quality of the products provided.

A family atmosphere, personalized service and professional management have made REPtor an outstanding software company that excels in sales force effectiveness.

With us the client comes first, this is our path to flawless service.


Raptors form lasting pair bonds and are considered monogamous - which means they have one mate. Both birds are strongly bonded to the nest site where they had success in breeding, and as a result, both birds return to that site year after year and mate with each other. Each season the pair bond is re-established.



REPtor’s Support Center provides support on two levels – Field Force support and Managerial support.
According to studies including those of Gartner, Forrester and others, the biggest challenges for successful implementation of SFE/CRM solution are:
- Resistance of use by the Field Reps
- Lack of Buy-in from first-line Managers
- Lack of "changed Management"
In many of those cases it was the lack of understanding of the use and the benefits of the system.
“The System is for my managers – not for me" is common quote by field Reps.
REPtor has recognized that cause and has built many processes to monitor and increase the understanding of the personal benefits each user can derive from REPtor.

The objectives of the support center are:
- To facilitate the full use of the different REPtor applications and features
- How to use the right effectiveness tools in the application
- To check processes and the rapid and sustained adoption by the company.

This has been one of our Key Successes to date.


Filed Force Support

Support Center
The Support Center deals will all issues concerning the Rep. All calls are logged in the system, and full call history is retained. Repetitive calls for the same cause are flagged and escalated to be dealt with in cooperation with the first line manager.

Proactive Calls to all field users
REPtor Support staff calls each Rep on a regular basis. The frequency of the calls is defined with the team leader according to the rollout or cycle phase once a month.
Through the use of predefined and leading questions, REPtor support staff are ables conclude whether the Rep is working with REPtor as he/she should for that phase and to understand the general “feel” of the Rep concerning his/her work with REPtor.

REPtor views Rep satisfaction and their effective work habits as our main Focus. We will do all necessary, together with our Clients to maximize usage of REPtor.

Managerial and First-Line Manager Support

Managerial Support is provided by REPtor managers. At onset of training each manager is provided with the phone number of the direct REPtor Manager who is available to their needs.

Managerial Support Center
Calls from Managers escalated directly to REPtor key Account Manager for handling.
The requests may include:
- Understanding and using the Managerial Reports
- Specific questions regarding their sales forces
- Coaching as how to assist them in implementing company policy regarding REPtor within their team
- Advice on how to increase reps performance

First-line Manager Coaching
Quarterly meetings are held regarding:
- Creating and defining quarterly work plans and goals
- Re-defining territory allocation
- Increasing the use of effectiveness tools in REPtor
- Coaching on how to interpret Reps motivation, work habits and performance
- Learning from the First-line Manager the team’s needs and software improvements they suggest


Performance and Report Analysis by REPtor

REPtor manager will coach and assist all managers, including: General Managers, Business Unit Managers and Sales force Managers in analyzing reports and in gaining a complete understanding of their Sales Force's performance, motivation and planning and will create for them their customized set of reports with requested parameters, which will automatically be sent to them periodically by mail (daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly as agreed).


Management Coaching

When Required, REPtor Manager will meet the client's manager to coach on various matters as defined together. To date we have dealt with defining and implementing sales strategies, special tasks, building team goals etc.