Reptor as SFE on demand  

Reptor as SFE on demand

REPtor is a Pharma on demand Sales-Force Effectiveness comprehensive solution. It is in use today by leading Pharma companies and covers their field-force effectiveness needs of investigation, segmentation, profiling and targeting, work planning, execution, call recording and analysis. Through the creation of logical performance goals, campaign strategy, the promotion of best practices and online monitoring of the reps status, the companies are able to dramatically increase their competitive advantage. REPtor provides high-level functionality, flexibility and scalability through innovative design and the use of on-line architecture, obviating the need for software installations. Users connect to REPtor from the Internet with any web browser, anytime, anywhere and from any device, including connectivity from the field via wireless mobile devices.

REPtor's ease of use, high buy-in rate and rapid rollout and implementation, contribute to a quick ROI and probably the lowest total cost of ownership today among Pharma field-force solutions.


REPtor applications:

Hawk sales force-centric effectiveness tool.

for online management control of reps' field activities.

a suite of marketing applications, consisting of the Investigator, Profiler and Cycle-Planner, designed for communications, database and back-office support. These applications can be bundled or provided individually.